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Tips For Running A Successful Smoothie Bowl Shop

Smoothie bowls are quite a hit right now. People enjoy eating these delicious, fruit-filled bowls with a spoon and straw. As such, running a smoothie bowl restaurant can be quite profitable. You can stay open for breakfast, lunch, and dinner with a few menu changes.

Here are some additional tips for your smoothie bowl shop.

Pre-measure your ingredients

Even if you offer custom smoothie bowls as an option, you should also offer a few specific smoothie bowl recipes. Keep a number of these recipes already prepared so you don't have to take the time to measure all of the ingredients when a custom orders on. For instance, if you have one smoothie bowl with strawberries, bananas, peanut butter, and blueberries, you can pre-portion those ingredients into cups. Keep the cups in the freezer. When someone orders that smoothie, you can just dump the contents of one cup into a blender and blend it up.

Limit your fresh ingredients

Try to make your smoothies with as many frozen ingredients and as few fresh ingredients as possible. Frozen ingredients take a long time to spoil, so you won't waste very many of them, even if customers are slow to order smoothies with certain ingredients. Fresh ingredients will spoil faster, so keeping fewer of them on hand will mean less waste.

Serve your smoothies in takeaway bowls 

You don't want to have to wash reusable smoothie bowls. It's also a pain to use reusable bowls when customers decide to take their leftovers home. So, just serve your smoothies in takeaway bowls from the start. You don't have to give every customer a lid. But do keep lids on hand so that if someone wants to take all or part of their smoothie to-go, you can give them a lid for it.

Get creative with your toppings

You probably won't be the only smoothie shop in town. So, you need to set yourself apart. One way to do that is to offer some unique topping options. Chocolate chips, dried bananas, candied ginger, and chopped pistachios are all good ideas. Don't hesitate to get a little creative, and remember they don't all have to be healthy options.

If you follow the tips above, you should have an easier time running a successful shop. As time goes on, you will learn what works and what does not. You can then make any adjustments as you go. 

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