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Going To Nigeria? 3 Foods To Try

Going to a new country is all about embracing the culture and trying new things If you have plans to travel to Nigeria anytime soon then one of the first things you will want to try is a famous meat kabob called Suya, but you also don't want to forget about some of the Nigerian favorites like Jollof rice and Nigerian yams.


Suya is a kabob that is typically grilled on a skewer with vegetables. Typically made of beef, chicken, or even ram, Suya is flavored with a variety of spices including peanuts, salt, pepper, paprika, chili pepper, brown sugar, and salt. Typically, because of the chili pepper and paprika, Suya is considered to be on the spicier side which makes it an ideal food to be served with things like rice or a thin Nigerian bread. 

Jollof Rice

One of the most popular Nigerian dishes out there is Jollof rice. If you are looking for something that tends to settle a bit easier on your stomach and isn't packed with too much spice then Jollof rice may be the way to go. This one-pot rice combines seasonings, an array of different vegetables and then is usually served with a side of meat like goat. Cooked with a tomato base, Jollof rice is one of those Nigerian dishes that you will want to learn how to make when you get back home. 

Nigerian Porridge Yam

If Nigeria is known for one type of vegetable it would be the yam. Yams in the United States tend to be bright orange but in Nigeria, they tend to look a lot whiter, similar to a Russet potato. This type of porridge is made with yams that are at least 7 months old on average and an array of fresh and steamed tomatoes. After it has been cooked and softened, porridge yam makes a great meal to eat on its own or you can pair it with some meat if you want an extra bit of protein. 

To really become acquainted with a new culture the best thing that you can do is try the food. If you want to try some of the most popular foods that Nigeria has to offer then keep these three things on your list. Then, once you come back to the United States you can find some Nigerian restaurants that serve dishes like Suya in your area and try all of the food that they have to offer. 

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