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Three Pizza Reheating Tips

There are few dishes that can be more convenient to eat than pizza, thanks to pizza delivery. In addition to being extremely tasty, pizza is easy to reheat for future meals. However, people often make mistakes when reheating pizza that can greatly degrade the taste of the pizza. Luckily, you can avoid degrading your pizza by using several tips when you reheat the pizza.

Properly Store The Pizza

Properly storing your leftover pizza is one of the most important steps for being able to effectively reheat it. In particular, it is a common mistake for people to simply place the leftover pizza in the refrigerator while it is still in the delivery box. However, these boxes will not be able to prevent the pizza from drying out. By placing the pizza in sealed plastic bags, you can help keep your pizza moist.

Replenish The Pizza's Moisture

It is simply unavoidable for some of the pizza's moisture to be lost to evaporation. However, you may be able to replenish some of this moisture while you are reheating it. If you are warming the pizza by putting it in a microwave, you will want to place a small cup or bowl of water in the microwave with the pizza. The steam from the water will help to replenish must of the moisture that was lost. If you are planning on using a skillet or oven to reheat the pizza, you may want to lightly sprinkle water on the pizza before heating it.

Crisp The Crust When Reheating It

A crispy crust is a key part of the pleasure of eating a piece of pizza as the crunch will serve as a compliment to the softness of the cheese and sauce. Sadly, many reheating methods will result in the crust becoming soggy. Keeping the crust crispy will require you to put the pizza directly on the oven rack for a few minutes. If you are using another method to reheat the pizza, such as in a skillet or microwave, you will want to stop heating it a little early so that you can avoid overcooking the pizza.

Many people may choose to eat cold leftover pizza. However, warming it can greatly enhance the flavors that you taste. If you have an appreciation for the need to properly store the pizza, replenish moisture while reheating it and crisping the crust for a few minutes, you will find that your leftover pizza is of a much higher quality.

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