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3 Ways Jamaican Restaurants Infuse Fruit Into Meals

Jamaican food options include a wide range of authentic spicy and sweet options. While meats serve as a main course for many of the meals found on a Jamaican takeout menu, you can find a lot of other flavors when you order meal options with fruit infused into the dish. 

Learn about some of the Jamaican food takeout options where fruit blends with main dishes to create a large mixture of savory and sweet flavors.

1. Pineapple Bowls

Instead of a meal served in a traditional bowl, you can look for takeout restaurants that serve pineapple bowls. A pineapple bowl typically includes half a pineapple with some of the fruit in the middle hollowed out and cubed. The hollow area of the pineapple is then filled with meats like jerk chicken or grilled vegetables.

The pineapple juices will naturally mix with the other parts of the bowl to create a sweet and acidic flavor with the meal. Once you finish the main portion of the meal, you can use a fork or spoon to dig out the rest of the pineapple and enjoy the fresh fruit. Not only does a pineapple bowl taste good, but the meal is visually appealing as well.

2. Fried Plantains

Fried plantains are a staple among many Jamaican restaurant menus. Typically, you would order the fried fruit as a side option with a main meal. For example, you could order some jerk chicken, a side of rice, and a side of fried plantains. The banana-like fruit adds some nice flavors to your dish and also creates a nice crunch.

If you order a bowl of any kind, then you could break apart some of the plantains to add a little crunch to your bowl. You could also order fried plantains on their own and enjoy larger portions of the food.

3. Coconut Curry

Shaved coconut adds some unique textures and flavors to authentic Jamaican meals. On a menu, you will often find coconut cooked with curry to add some spice and flavor to the meal. The freshness of coconut creates depths of flavor. The coconut will often coat around foods like chicken, goat, or shrimp.

Coconut curry shrimp can be found on many Jamaican restaurant menus. Side dishes like rice add to the flavor combination and can help create a complete meal.

The next time you order Jamaican takeout, consider adding some fruit flavors to the mix and seeing how each flavor can enhance your meal.

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