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Three Unique Options For Your First Date

Whether you have met someone through Tinder or work or you have been set up on a blind date, you may be looking for a date night idea that is a bit more than the traditional coffee shop or dinner and a movie. First dates are all about breaking the ice and getting to know one another. So, why not try to experience something new with one another at the same time? Keep reading to learn of three unique ideas that make for great first dates.

Axe Throwing

Have you ever wanted to let out some frustration? Well, while you probably shouldn't be letting go of your anger while on a first date, axe throwing does make for a great ice breaker while also allowing you to release some of those first date jitters that you may both have. Axe throwing makes a great first date because it looks totally cool, and it allows both of you to learn something new (or at least have a great time together if you have both done it together before). Since you'll be having fun and not worrying about what to say next, it will make the flow of conversation much easier.

Trivia Night

One thing that people tend to hate about first dates is the constant questions that are asked/received. It is just part of getting to know one another, though. However, wouldn't it be nice if you could get to know one another without actually having to ask the questions yourself? This can be done by taking your date to a trivia night. You can learn a lot about a person this way. You can learn whether the other person knows a lot about politics, video games, etc. In many instances, you can actually learn things about your date that you otherwise would have never learned on a first date.

Cooking Class

Most dates consist of going to a restaurant for a meal, but why not take things up a notch and sign up for a cooking class so that the two of you can work together to learn how to cook the meal that you will be enjoying together? Maybe you enjoy cooking and want to cook a meal for your date, but you can't just invite someone over to your house on a first date—that's creepy! Plus, a cooking class gets the two of you involved and engaged with one another. In between all of the prepping, learning, and cooking, you have plenty of time to learn about each other. Just make sure that you don't judge them if they aren't a good cook!

When it comes to unique first date ideas, such as axe throwing, trivia night, and a cooking class, it just takes a little bit of imagination and the willingness to give something new a try to create the perfect first date idea that is like no other that you have been on.    

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Learning More About Dining Out

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