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Helpful Tips When Purchasing Kitchen Knives For A Restaurant

If you own a restaurant, there are a lot of restaurant supplies you'll need to keep in stock. One of the most important from a food prep standpoint is cutlery. Buying these supplies for your restaurant can be a smooth process if you consider this advice.

Make Sure Handles Are Comfortable

If you plan on using kitchen knives a lot each day in your restaurant, then you need to make sure the handles are comfortable. Otherwise, you and your staff will suffer hand fatigue pretty early on in the day, and that can lead to accidents.

For this reason, you should consider commercial kitchen knives with an ergonomic handle design. These handles will fit in your hands just right, and that's important for reducing hand fatigue and having extra grip for safe cutting. Rubber handles are also comfortable to hold onto for hours, whether you're cutting onions or meat.

Select an Edge Type

There are a lot of key components of a commercial kitchen knife, but one of the most important is the edge type. Today, there are several options that include straight, serrated, and hollow edge. A straight edge providers a smooth cut, which is great for carving meat.

Serrated edges are wavy and ideal for breads, vegetables, and fruits. Hollow edges are unique in that they create pockets of air, which keeps food off the blade's surface. Assess these options and decide which edge type works best for the food prep that takes place each day. 

Ensure Durable Construction

Whatever type of commercial kitchen knives you purchase for your restaurant, you want them holding up for years and years. You then won't have to replace them any time soon and waste a lot of money.

Durable kitchen knives are ones made from a certain type of steel. For example, VG-10 steel is one of the better types of steel because it's completely rust-proof.

Even if you let the kitchen knives featuring this steel remain in water, they will retain their structural integrity. VG-10 steel can also resist damage even if you're forceful with the knives throughout the day. 

At some point, you may want to purchase new kitchen knives for your restaurant. The options are pretty vast, but you shouldn't have trouble with this investment. You just need to find high-quality commercial kitchen knives that have features you can see helping your cooking operations day in and day out. 

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