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6 Fast Food Chinese Take Out Entrees You Might Have Overlooked

Are you hungry for some tantalizing Chinese take out food? Next time the urge hits and you head out to your favorite Asian restaurant, why not do the uncommon? Instead of ordering chicken lo mein or General Tso's Chicken and a side of egg rolls, try something different for a change. Here are 6 Chinese food entrees to choose from that you may not have tried (yet):

1. Honey Walnut Shrimp: Chinese restaurants are famous for their seafood, and most people have ordered the same coconut shrimp over and over again. If you are craving shrimp, but would like to try something different for your palate, here's an entree that might be found at your favorite Chinese eatery. Honey walnut shrimp is deep fried in a batter, commonly referred to as the tempura technique. The shrimp is then tossed in a Chinese style wok with a succulent honey glaze. For the finishing touch, the shrimp entree is then topped with fresh walnuts.

2. Beijing Beef: If beef is what you're longing for, a Beijing beef entree should fit the bill. This recipe calls for crispy friend beef cubes (or chunks) that is paired with fresh bell peppers and onions. It is then mixed with a sweet and tangy sauce. Beijing beef is a menu item that you may have overlooked.

3. Chinese Style Oven Roasted Spare Ribs: If you love spareribs and Chinese food, check the menu to see if it's there. Basically, this recipe calls for spare ribs which are roasted in the oven. Marinated ingredients such as dark and light soy sauce, hoisin sauce, honey, sherry wine and garlic give the ribs a delightful flavor.

4. Mapo Tofu: This Szechuan dish is loaded with protein and slightly healthier than some of the fried choices. It is a flavorful dish that boasts various textures. In addition to the tofu, it may include ground pork, garlic, black beans and onions. It is often served over steamed rice. Peppercorn powder give this entree its zesty punch.

5. Spicy Sesame Chili Noodles With Chicken, Pork or Beef: Here's a nice change from the ordinary sesame chicken. Basically, this entree contains Chinese noodles in soy sauce and sesame flavorings, A Cream-based Tahini base adds a touch of flavor. It is commonly served with chicken, beef or pork.

6. Chinese Hot Dish: You may have seen this entree name on Chinese menus but were uncertain of its ingredients or what a "hot dish" actually is. Basically, hot dish is a synonym for casserole. SO the hot dish may contain noodles or rice, chicken, pork or beef and a variety of Chinese vegetables. It's often coated with sesame and soy sauce or other seasonings.

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